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Risk disclosure

Important note

Before acquiring financial derivatives, the user must review in detail their practices and risks, as well as their decision to invest, as to whether a selected financial derivative is adjusted to their risk tolerance and whether it is appropriate in order to achieve their investment objectives. The user must bear in mind that trading with financial derivatives can generate fluctuations in market prices and default risks, even to the point of the total loss of their investment. Profitability in the past is not a reliable indicator of performance in the future. The costs that may arise from the acquisition and sale of financial derivatives (for example, fees, place of execution fees, etc.) must also be taken into account. Therefore, the representation of financial products on this website should be understood as general information and not as a personal recommendation. We only measure financial derivatives (consultancy-free operations that are not covered by the strategy offered by Innovative Investment Solutions GmbH ). The information presented on the website is exclusively for individuals and does not constitute an investment advice or an offer to buy or sell derivative financial instruments or other financial instruments, and it is for information purposes only. By using this website, no consulting agreement or information exchange agreement is established with us as an online broker, financial asset manager and financial portal. All information, data and representations on this website are protected by trademark and / or copyright in favour of Innovative Investment Solutions GmbH or its suppliers. In order to obtain information related to securities, Innovative Investment Solutions GmbH works with other suppliers.

Risk disclosure

Products such as CFDs, Forex, futures, options, binary options and spread betting are financial products with leverage. Operating with these products carries a high risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The users must ensure that they have fully understood all the risks involved and, if necessary, they should seek independent advice. Operating with these financial products can not only lead to a total loss of invested capital but can also lead to additional losses. The advertising material found on this website does not involve individual investment advice.